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About Jürgen W. Goldfuß
Bevor he started his own business in 1989 he was employed with different domestic and international companies as project manager, product manager, head of training, marketing manager. Throughout Germany, Switzerland and Austria he is training and consulting companies in the area of marketing and management.
Jürgen W. Goldfuß meanwhile has written 14 books about communication, negotiation, sales, management and humour. About management he has published his bestseller "Finally you are the boss - so what". In this book he explaines in detail what leaders nead to know in their position about management.
Two of his titles were also published in China and Korea.
He also writes for Handelsblatt "Die 5 Weisen" and has a weekly column ("Der Ratgeber") in the "Schwäbische Zeitung" and in "Der Stadtspiegel".


Leading in difficult times
- how to motivate and activate employees with the TOK system
- the relationship with employees, the balance between  confidence and distance
- employee motivation: engaged employees through successful communication

Service - the unique chance for companies to be different
- how to use service as a source of revenue
- employees the most important factor in marketing
- methods how to find and keep customers in the future

Your company in future Europe
- recognizing trends and developping strategies
- transition of employees to empowered members of the company
- more dynamic trough future oriented structures

His customers include:
- Lufthansa Management Training
- Akademie für die Deutsche Wirtschaft
- GtW Gesellschaft für technische Weiterbildung mbH
- Excellence Akademie
- Haniel Akademie
- Siemens Forum
- Haus der Technik
- Euroforum
- Management Circle
- Performance Training
- Amphenol-Tuchel
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